Plantar Fasciitis

                                                   PLANTAR FASCIITIS


     Have you ever stepped out of bed in the morning and had heel pain? Or after a full day of activity, had difficulty stepping on your heel?

It’s likely that you have a case of plantar fasciitis!

 The plantar fascia is a tight tendon band that runs from your heel to the base of your toes. Every step puts a stretch on this band. If this band stretches too much, it tends to pull and tear at its attachment in the heel.

      This can occur as a result of not enough support to the foot or excessive stretch as a result of too much weight. Age also plays a role since tendons tend to lose some elasticity as we age and will fray rather than stretch (like an old rubber band).

      The goal in treating plantar fasciitis is to reduce the excessive stretch to the plantar fascia and alleviate the inflammation.  Changing shoe gear and adding an over-the-counter arch support may be helpful as well as stretching before weightbearing, ice message, and anti-inflammatory  medications.

      If this is not effective, professional treatment is advised. Treatment can include local cortisone injections, supportive tape strappings, night splits and custom orthotic devices.

      Physical therapy plays a very important roll in reducing the inflammation and stretching the limb to prevent recurrence and to avoid more invasive procedures.

      If all conservative treatment is not effective, other modalities, including Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma and surgical correction may

be necessary.

      Remember, do not let heel pain keep you on the couch! Seek treatment for this debilitating and nagging condition as soon as it starts!

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